Posted by: linuxmoose | May 29, 2011

So, here is how the MPD server worked out

Ok, I got it working. After not finding MPD in the Slackware repository, I gave up on that and just installed Xubuntu 9.10. Finding MPD and installing it with FVWM-Crystal in order to have a lighter desktop then XFCE I then proceeded to configure it. Everything worked all right with only a little bit of head scratching and banging the monitor to get the image to come back. Once MPD was set up I put the laptop on the convenient shelf below my stereo and plugged it in. I then hooked up my 500 gigabyte hard drive with all of my music on it and ran MPD. It worked, both from my iPod and my laptop, and everything would be functioning properly, but I made the mistake of tampering when I didn’t need to. I tried to make a .Xinitric script that automatically ran tinywm and then MPD. I must have done something wrong, however, because I just got a waiting cursor and a blank screen. MPD was not running. After that, I gave up on the project, so my old laptop is once again sitting unused in my basement. Oh well. I’ll think up another use for it soon.


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