Posted by: linuxmoose | May 21, 2011

Restoring an old Dell Latitude with Wolvix

Hello again people of the Internet. So here is the scoop. I have an old laptop with 128 megabytes of RAM and a Pentium III. It was running Mandrake 7 when I first got it, which was my first experience with Linux. Of course, it not really being my computer and me being a lifelong Windows XP and Mac OS 9 user up to then, I had no idea what a .tar.gz file or a .rpm was, so I had almost no chance of using the computer properly. I actually tried to download Firefox 3.something, double clicked the .tar.gz file and waited for it to install, like it does on Windows. Obviously, that’s not how it works, and I doubt that Firefox would have installed on Mandrake 7 when Mandrake was already renamed Mandriva and the operating system was at least 3 releases outdated. Anyway, I still have this old computer. I want to use it as an mpd server, and as great as Puppy is, I really don’t understand how to use it for applications such as an mpd server (now I’m probably going to get a lot of comments telling me exactly how to run an mpd server in Puppy, but I’m not going to anyway). The next best performance was achieved by Wolvix in my tests, so it’s Wolvix to which I turned. First I had actually attempted to install Debian 6 netinstall, but it was telling me to wait 3 hours, so I gave up. Basically I want mpd to be easy to set up, and for the system to be fairly stable. I now have to do the following:
1. Install Wolvix
2. Copy my music collection onto my 500 gigabyte external hard drive
3. Plug my external drive into the laptop.
4. Set up mpd to read from the hard drive.
5. Start the mpd server.
6. Set my good laptop, my iPod touch and my iMac G5 to connect through PyMPD, MPoD and a good graphical MPD client for Mac OSX 10.3 respectively.
If anyone can suggest a good MPD client for Mac OSX 10.3 that would be great. I’ll post more information as the project progresses.


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